Barefoot Bandit: 'I will have a beautiful life'

SEATTLE (AP) - The young man known as the "Barefoot Bandit" says he's looking forward to leaving prison and having a "beautiful life."

Colton Harris-Moore became known worldwide after running from the law in stolen cars, boats and airplanes as a teenager for two years. Now the 22-year-old is serving a seven-year prison sentence after a plea deal with federal and local authorities.

On Thursday, one of his attorneys released a statement Harris-Moore meant to read in court this week when he pleaded guilty to another charge in Skagit County.

Harris-Moore says, "The past is a story absolutely separate from the future. The past holds experiences and lessons I'll learn from for the rest of my life, but my future is precisely what I make it."

The brief, handwritten letter was authenticated by Harris-Moore's attorney, John Henry Browne.

"If there is any truth I've learned, it is that absolutely anything is possible," the letter reads. "When this is over and I regain my freedom, I will bring everything I am working towards into reality."

He adds: "I am working with amazing people, and I will have a beautiful life."

Read the entire letter here.