Bank robbery suspect causes bomb scare after chase, carjacking

EDMONDS, Wash. - A Seattle bank robbery suspect crashed his getaway car in Edmonds while fleeing from police at high speeds and caused a bomb scare after dropping a device that was made to look like a pipe bomb.

Seattle police Assistant Chief Paul McDonagh said the drama began Saturday morning when a man robbed a Wells Fargo bank branch in the 13200 block of Aurora Avenue North and told bank employees that he had explosives.

After getting money from the tellers, the robber ran outside and approached a truck driven by Jake Gift, who was getting coffee from a nearby espresso stand.

"He needed an escape route, so he jumped in my truck and told me to drive," Gift said.

"He didn't threaten to kill me or hurt me. I just tried to stay calm and talk to the dude."

The man forced Gift to drive north several blocks and then jumped got of the truck and got into a gold Ford Explorer.

Soon afterward, a King County sheriff's deputy spotted the SUV in the Shoreline area and took off in pursuit.

The suspect then headed toward Edmonds, racing through the downtown streets at high speed before rolling his car and crashing at the end of a dead-end road near the waterfront, McDonagh said.

The man was pulled from the SUV and officers saw what appeared to be a pipe bomb inside the vehicle.

Officers arrested the man and called the bomb squad, which determined the device was a fake.

The 30-year-old suspect was booked into the King County Jail.