Bail set at $1M for accused double murderer

SEATTLE -- Bail was set Monday at $1 million for the man accused of shooting and killing two people early Sunday morning in Seattle's Leschi neighborhood.

Matalepuna Malu, a 26-year-old convicted felon, surrendered peacefully Sunday evening.

The shooting happened around 2:30 a.m. in the 500 block of 29th Ave. South. Witnesses called 911 to report multiple shots fired.

"I heard a pop and then I heard what sounds like 5 or 6 pops after that -- pop, pop, pop," neighbor Aaron Roberts said on Sunday.

When officers arrived a minute later, they found two young men lying dead in the street.

The two victims have not been identified.

Shortly after the shooting on Sunday, a man called 911 to say his brother -- later identified as Malu -- had called him to confess, according to court documents. The brother told police that Malu was "crying hysterically" and said he just shot someone in the face.

The brother said he told Malu to turn himself in to police, but Malu said he didn't want to do that and hung up on him. Malu called back two more times, and each time the brother advised him to turn himself in, according to court documents. In the last call, Malu said he was heading to California and wanted to say goodbye.

After police publicly named Malu as a suspect in the shooting, he called the homicide department and told detectives he was innocent and wanted to clear his name. He said he would turn himself in, and more than three hours later he showed up at SPD headquarters and did just that.

The murders are the fourth fatal shootings in this area since April, and there have been several more in nearby neighborhoods. Seattle Interim Police Chief Harry Bailey was back in Leschi Sunday speaking to neighbors about the crime.

And Assistant Police Chief Nick Metz says they are still looking into whether the Sunday murders were connected to the earlier shootings.

"We can't say right now if this incident last night had a direct correlation with the other incidents it's definitely in our radar," Metz said on Sunday.

Malu was not in court Monday when a judge set his bail at $1 million. He's next due in court on June 4.