Bad luck: Couple's blackjack winnings stolen immediately

SEATTLE -- Lady Luck can be a cruel mistress. Just ask the couple who won more than $6,000 playing blackjack at a Shoreline casino only to reportedly have it stolen by violent robbers who likely followed them home.

The victims, a husband and wife, returned to their home in the 13200 block of First Avenue Northwest around 2:15 a.m. Aug. 4 after a night of gambling at a casino on Aurora.

As soon as the husband got out of the car, he was grabbed by two men and punched in the face multiple times by a third man, according to the Seattle Police Department's report for the incident.

According to the report, the wife heard one of the men say, "Where's the money?" during the robbery.

The men reportedly took $100 out of the husband's pocket as well as the wife's purse, which contained the $6,000 she had just won playing blackjack, before driving off in a silver Audi.

The investigation led officers to the casino, where they spoke to a security employee who knows the husband as a frequent customer who often gambles large sums of money. He told officers the victims were in that night and the wife won big.

Security footage showed two cars following the victims' car out of the casino parking lot, one a silver Mercedes and the other an unidentified silver car.

The security employee told officers the driver of the Mercedes is banned from the casino and had shown up that night to inquire when his ban would be lifted.

According to the report, the security employee remembered two men matching the general description of the robbers at the casino that night. He said they appeared to be watching the victims. The employee remembered the last name of one of the men from his ID.

Officers found only one silver Audi registered in Seattle (which seems odd). According to the report, it is registered to a man with the same last name as one of the men who was at the casino.