As man seeks missing brother in slide, 'we all feel there's hope'

DARRINGTON, Wash. - Frank Hadaway is heartbroken - but he hasn't given up hope.

It's almost been a week since his brother disappeared in the deadly Oso mudslide. And early on Friday he stood near the Darrington Fire Department to describe what so many families in this area are experiencing.

His brother, Steve Hadaway, was working on a home directly below the landslide before it came roaring down. Steve - nicknamed the Cream Puff Marine for his big heart and service to his country - disappeared and hasn't been heard from since.

"He helped everybody in the community," says Frank Hadaway.

He remembers calling his sister-in-law after the slide. Her cracking voice said everything.

"She told me she didn't hear from him. She hasn't heard from him, the GPS on the rig. He was at the same location, hasn't been moved," says Frank.

On Friday he continued to search the muddy mess for any sign of his missing brother. He says he supports the search efforts.

"I support them. My first step - I sunk a foot in the mud. We cleared areas - we had to put plywood back on them to walk," Franks says.

Search-and-rescue crews continue to hunt through a square mile of quicksand-like mud, in some places 20 feet deep. The chances of finding survivors is slipping, but Frank refuses to give up.

"We all feel there's hope," he says. "I mean, I feel there's reality, but I also have to feel there's hope. I have to feel that he's not ready. He's a God-fearing person, and you know he's either coming home with us or he's going to be with God, one way or another."

This is the grim reality so many families here are facing.

It's almost been a week since the slide, but so many people are hoping and praying someone is found alive.