As election nears, state GOP using unique tactics

SEATTLE -- Polls show the race for governor is still neck and neck with less than a week before the election.

The race is so close that one candidate's team is actually going door to door in some neighborhoods and offering to take voters' ballots off their hands.

With 1,177,000 voters, King County is critical to the governor's race, and it's a county Democrats must win big if Jay Inslee is to come out on top.

Democrats have made 3 million phone calls and rang more than 1 million doorbells for their candidate, but Republicans know the stakes, too.

GOP volunteers are going door to door in east King County, and they're offering a unique service.

It was Wednesday night that two men showed up at Steve McDonald's door to let him know they'd take his ballot to be counted.

"It was Halloween. There's a lot of tricksters around the neighborhood. I was thinking it was a joke, but they had a very serious look on their face," McDonald said.

The men offered to mail his ballot for him. As it turns out, McDonald had already voted, so the men left. Still, he said it was an odd experience.

"After someone leaves, you're kind of like, did I just get bamboozled? I didn't get bamboozled because they didn't take my ballot, but they sure knew a lot of information about me," he said.

McDonald even called the FBI to make sure the practice was legal. The men also showed up at Jaime Oberg's home, where they received a similar reaction.

"They said they were representatives of the Republican party and they offered to turn in my ballot," Oberg said. "I chuckled and thought, these guys are up to no good."

The men weren't lying. They actually were from the Republican party, and they even called King County Elections to let them know what they were doing,.

"It is not prohibited by law. There is no a law prohibiting that activity, (but) we always recommend against it," said Sheril Huff of King County Elections.

The party told elections officials they planned on dropping the ballots in a drop box. One hundred GOP volunteers will be out again on Monday and maybe Tuesday, and they say getting the vote out is especially critical this year.