Arson spree hits Bremerton corrections office

BREMERTON, Wash. -- Bremerton police are looking for an arsonist who's torched the same building four times over the last several years.

They believe it's someone who has a grudge against the prison system because the target is the field office of the state Department of Corrections.

Bremerton DOC field office manager James Ison said the arsonist broke into the building in August, poured an accelerant inside and set it ablaze.

As workers repaired the damage from that fire, police say the arsonist wasn't finished. They believe the same person came back in November and set another fire just feet away. It was put out quickly because a passerby saw the smoke.

"Some people do bad things," said Ison, "And have retribution against us just because we're doing our job."

There have been two other arsons. One to a dumpster in April 2012, and a Molotov cocktail was thrown through the DOC window in April of 2007. Police believe they're all connected to one person or a group. Further, they're probably on or had been on state supervision from this office after serving prison time.

"I think somebody might holding a grudge," said Jesse Stevens, who is under DOC supervision. "Somebody needs to get on the right side of God, I guess."

The investigation is ongoing, but police hope the public will step up to help.

"We've fully investigated each one of these, but right now we're looking for help from the public," said Bremerton police chief Steve Strachan. "Somebody knows who this was. This person has probably told a lot of people."