Arrest: WA man accused of threat to blow up train

BIRCH BAY, Wash. (AP) - Whatcom County sheriff's deputies say they arrested a Birch Bay, Wash., man accused of threatening to blow up a train that was blocking a road near the BP Cherry Point refinery.

Sgt. Kevin Moyes told the Bellingham Herald that the man called 911 on Tuesday to report the train - and added a threat if it didn't move.

Deputies traced the caller's number.

Moyes says 58-year-old William Alyea was booked for investigation of felony threats to bomb. The sergeant said deputies don't think Alyea had the means to carry out the threat, but was likely just angry that he had to drive around the train. He denied making the call.

Court documents show that in 2007, Alyea pleaded guilty to telling a 911 dispatcher he was going to "kill every police officer in Bellingham" with an AK47 rifle. He spent 180 days in jail for two counts of felony telephone harassment and malicious mischief.