Armed robber flees as store clerk's husband draws his own gun

BREMERTON, Wash. -- A convenience store owner in Bremerton pulled out his own gun to scare away an attempted robbery suspect on Wednesday night.

"I pulled the gun - my weapon - I pointed it straight at his head," said Jim Fee who is the owner of Rob's Quick Stop located at 15th Street.

The suspect came into the store just before 9:30pm. He was described as having dark skin, possibly Hispanic, and wore dark, baggy clothes. His face was covered with a bandana.

"He was pretty well masked-up you could only see his eyes basically - a little bit of his cheek and a little bit of his forehead," said Fee.

Fee was sitting in a chair behind the counter when the suspect walked in and pointed the gun at Fee's wife who was behind the cash register. Fee saw his wife was in trouble and stepped in.

"There's a little leeway in (the) trigger on my weapon - on my pistol - and I had it down to pressure point and I started to press when he ran. He came that close," said Fee.

"Thank God Jim was armed," said customer Brent Ness. "I hate to think what would have happened if he wasn't."

As some customers learned what happened they stopped by to check on the owners.

"I'm surprised he didn't shoot him. That's why he's got (the gun). He knows how to use it," said customer Jim Costello.

"I didn't think he was going to pull the trigger. He just wanted the money," said Fee. "I was trying to get his attention on me so he would get the gun off my wife."

Fee has owned the convenience store for 10 years. Since that time, he's been involved with robberies twice but said no one is going to force him out.

"Nobody is going to come in here and threaten us with a weapon without a challenge," said Fee. "Simple as that."