Arlington funeral home faced with heartbreaking task

ARLINGTON, Wash. -- Since 1905 they've buried the generations. But rarely, if ever, have all the generations been buried at once.

Seventeen. It's a number that will grow, but that is how many landslide victims Weller Funeral Home in Arlington is laying to rest so far.

The loss of life is almost too unbearable to contemplate for Weller office manager Carrie Stucky.

"There have been times when we've cried together and picked each other back up. It is an emotional time for everyone involved," Stucky said.

Both Stucky and funeral director Jessica Wakefield say families are having to make the choice as to whether to wait until all family members are found or to bury them one at a time.

"I would say for most people, no matter what anybody chooses, it's not an easy choice to make," Wakefield said.

There is also the heavy financial burden of the funerals. Catholic Community Services is working to provide financial assistance to families, regardless of religious denomination.

"We're all part of the same human family. We're all children of the same God and that makes us brothers and sisters to one another," said Father Tim Sauer.

A number of people have already reached out to help pay for funeral expenses.
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