Arlington florist: 'This is over the top tragic'

ARLINGTON, Wash. - As memorials begin for the mudslide victims, an Arlington florist is keeping busy putting together many of the flower arrangements for the services.

"This is pretty tragic. This is over the top tragic," said David Boulton of Flowers By George.

Boulton designs bouquets for all occassions but many of his recent orders are for those sending expressions of sympathy.

"It's what we do. It's our passion," said Boulton. "We love to help people in any way possible no matter what the occasion and we do that through the art of flowers - through the gift-giving of flowers."

Boulton designed some of the bouquets that were displayed on Saturday at Linda McPherson's memorial service at the Darrington Community Center.

"We feel it's important. Flowers need to be in a place where people are grieving and this is one way we're able to help with that," said Boulton.

On Sunday morning, Boulton was working on arrangements for 5-year-old Kaylee Spillers - using shades of pink and delicate flowers to symbolize her youth.

Kaylee's Dad and younger sister are still missing and last week the Snohomish County Medical Examiner's office identified the body of her brother, Jovon Mangual.

Boulton doesn't personally know any of the mudslide victims but still shares the community's pain.

"Certainly, like (Monday's) service for a 5-year-old -- those are tough ones," said Boulton. "Youth services have always been the toughest and sometimes there's a tragic car accident here and there but when it takes a lot of lives -- from babies to anybody -- these are tough, tough times," said Boulton.

The funeral service for Kaylee Spillers is Monday morning at Smokey Point Community Church in Arlington.