Angry owl dive bombs pedestrians at Seattle park

SEATTLE -- An angry owl is dive bombing unsuspecting pedestrians at Seattle's Discovery Park.

Christopher Li was walking through the park Wednesday at about 6 p.m. when he says an owl attacked him.

"I feel these kind of sharp scratches on my head. The owl had landed on my head. I immediately started screaming and running as fast as I can to get away from it," he said.

Li was able to make a clean getaway, but not before he suffered a gash in his head.

David Takami with the Seattle Parks Department said he wasn't aware of Wednesday attack, but he said the department got several calls two weeks ago about aggressive owls at the park.

Takami said the park plays home to two barred owls. The birds can become aggressive in the spring and fall, diving at passing pedestrians.

The parks department has conferred with a local naturalist, but they haven't posted any warning signs yet. Takami said that could change if more people report being attacked.
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