Amanda Knox to remain in Seattle despite overseas retrial

SEATTLE - The retrial of Amanda Knox starts this week in Italy, but the 26-year-old Seattle native won't be there.

Two years ago, Italy's highest court overturned Knox's murder conviction, and as the new trial looms, Knox is haunted by the 1,400 nights she spent locked in an Italian prison.

"I had panic attacks, and just broke down," Knox says. "And I couldn't breathe."

Knox says physical freedom has not freed her mind, so much so that sometimes she thinks she sees fellow prisoners on the street.

"I thought I was okay, I was home," she says. "And, and I wasn't. I was so angry, and so sad."

No new evidence or witnesses are likely, but Rudy Guede, the only person serving a sentence for the crime, could take the stand.

"Facts are facts, and I'm not afraid of them," Knox says.

As court begins Monday, Knox will stay in Seattle and start her final year studying creative writing at the University of Washington.