Alleged Reardon mistress accused in assault of ex-husband

EVERETT, Wash.--Tami Dutton, the woman who claimed she had an on-and-off six-year affair with Snohomish County Executive Aaron Reardon, appeared before a district court judge in Everett Friday following her arrest Thursday for fourth-degree assault.

Dutton, whose alleged affair with Reardon prompted a State Patrol investigation, now is under scrutiny for her involvement in a domestic violence incident with her ex-husband at her Bothell home.

According to court documents, Dutton dialed 911 yesterday morning saying she and her ex-husband had a verbal exchange and she had bruises on her arms.

The Snohomish County deputy who took her report said Dutton had a tough time focusing and that she argued with her ex-husband over him moving out.

But deputies determined Dutton was the primary aggressor.

Documents show Dutton's ex-husband claimed after a night of drinking, she woke up yelling at him to leave. He told police she pushed him and hit him scratching his neck. He claims he grabbed her arms to stop the assault.

Court papers say Dutton called the deputy several crude names while she was in custody. She kept saying, "I'm getting arrested for scratching him?," and she demanded a female deputy transport her, the report said.

Her ex-husband told the deputy that he and Dutton had been in a relationship for about 15 years and they divorced two years ago but had been living together to try to reconcile.

Last year, Dutton detailed a six year alleged affair with Reardon and accused him of misusing county funds on their out-of-town trysts

The State Patrol investigated Dutton's claims and cleared Reardon of any criminal wrongdoing but he's still resigning at the end of this month.

Dutton reportedly told deputies Thursday she didn't want her ex-husband arrested, didn't want her bruises photographed and didn't want to make trouble because she's already going through a court process with the county.

Dutton is being released from jail as long as she stays with her mother.