Alleged drunk driver could face vehicular homicide charge

TACOMA, Wash. -- A {A href=""}suspected drunk driver blamed in a deadly car crash left a Tacoma hospital on Monday, just hours after doctors took his 9-year-old nephew off life support.

The crumpled fenders and caved in roof give a sense of how fast Jayce Randall's car was going early Saturday when if veered off Highway 16 near Purdy and flipped several times.

"The driver and the front passenger, unfortunately, neither one of them were properly restrained," said trooper Guy Gill with the Washington State Patrol.

Randall and his 9-year-old nephew, Donovan Best, were thrown from the car. Investigators say Randall was drunk and stoned at the time.

"He did admit to using marijuana," Gill said. "The roadside breath test was over double the legal limit."

Donovan suffered massive head injuries and had been on life support at Tacoma General Hospital until Sunday night, when doctors told the family there was no sign of any brain function.

The boy's uncle, Dale Lewandowski, was in the hospital room when his mother and close family members said their final goodbyes.

"Alicia was able to hold Donovan in her arms when they took him off life support and to be with him when he passed," Lewandowski said.

Investigators believe Randall had been drinking and smoking at a family barbeque hours before the crash. He then offered to drive Donovan and the boy's younger sister to their grandparents' house as a favor.

Randall broke his pelvis in the crash, but was well enough to leave the hospital on Monday. Troopers took him straight to jail to ultimately face a charge of vehicular homicide.

"It's ruining two people's lives in a big way, and everybody else's lives around that care about them. And our family has basically moved from one tragedy to the next," Lewandowski.

Randall could go before a judge as soon as Tuesday for a bail hearing. The rest of the family is working out funeral arrangements for Donavan.