Alleged animal shelter burglar caught returning to the scene

OLYMPIA, Wash. -- A Thurston County man is accused of breaking into the county's animal shelter before returning to the scene of the crime two days later where workers recognized him and called 911.

Police say Kyle Mathew Wilde broke into the shelter early Tuesday morning by slipping through a doggie door. The door is kept open 24-hours a day so people can leave their unwanted dogs anonymously.

Once inside, shelter workers say Wilde smashed through a metal gate and ransacked the office. Police say he stole two utility belts equipped with collapsible batons, mace and badges. The shelter says he also stole cameras, a digital projector, a GPS device, a cell phone and power cords for an iPad and iPhone.

The first break-in was captured by a surveillance camera, but did not lead to a suspect. Then two days later, police say Wilde walked up to the shelter an hour before it opened for business. Workers say they immediately recognized him from the surveillance video because he was wearing the exact same clothes.

"He walked-up to the door, kind of jiggled the handle, saw that we were closed and started to walk away," says shelter worker Dustin Wade. "He was wearing the same exact clothes... I mean same jacket, same hood."

One worker tried to distract Wilde while another worker called 911. When police arrived moments later, they arrested Wilde at a nearby bus stop.

Wilde, who is a registered sex offender with no permanent address, is charged with 1st degree burglary and is being held without bail.