Alert Fife resident clued police in to abducted toddler

Thanks to an alert Fife resident - an abducted toddler is safe tonight.

The child, a 1-year-old boy, was snatched in Kalispell, Mont. late last night - and quickly became part of a three-state Amber Alert.

Authorities warned the suspects may be en route to our state and that was right on.

Many of people got the Amber Alerts about 3:30 this morning on our cell phones and perhaps it helped.

A person who wants to be anonymous knew about the abduction and immediately took action.

When the Amber Alert suspects arrived at the Emerald Park Apartments in Fife this morning someone immediately saw them and called 911.

"In cases like this we often rely on citizens to be our eyes and ears because we can't be everywhere at once and in this case it was very instrumental in locating the vehicle and recovering the child," said Lt. Kevin Farris of the Fife Police Dept.

Officers found Bryndi Gibson and Beau Blasius standing near a truck here and arrested them.

Police say the 1 year old, Brayden Blasius, as still inside the truck.

"The child is fine. we don't see any evidence he was harmed in any way," Farris said. "The fire department looked at him just as a precaution."

Fife Police did not know how the child was abducted.

"We have found out from Flathead County Sheriff's Office in Montana that the child that was taken is temporarily in custody of the state of Montana so he was considered a ward of the state and they did not have custodial rights to him," Farris said.

Police believed Gibson and Blasius were on drugs when they fled Montana - alerts also went out across Idaho and Washington.

"Like any other agency in Washington we were just keeping an eye out for the vehicle that was reported," Farris said.

Gibson and Blasius are both from western Washington -- they were arrested at the complex where Gibson's ex-boyfriend lives.

He didn't want to speak on the record but told KOMO he had no idea there was an Amber Alert until police arrived.

The couple was questioned at the Fife Police Department then transported to the Pierce County Jail. They were both booked on felony counts of custodial interference and possession of a stolen vehicle. Beau Blasius also faces misdemeanor drug-related charges.