Alcohol suspected in death of 14-year-old Bellingham girl

BELLINGHAM, Wash. -- Investigators believe alcohol was a cause in the death of a 14-year-old Bellingham girl.

Police believe Hazel Christine Phair had been drinking at a party Friday night. She came home at 2 a.m. Saturday and went to bed. Her mother went to check on her at 6 a.m. and found her unresponsive. Medics could not revive her.

The autopsy suggests she could not breathe because she had consumed too much alcohol, said medical examiner Gary Goldfogel. Toxicology tests are pending, but traces of marijuana were found in the girl's system.

"It's tragic there is a 14-year-old drinking and smoking marijuana," said Bellingham Police Lt. Rick Sucee.

In the wake of her death, the teen's parents are overwhelmed with grief.

"I'm going to miss her. She was my baby," said father Robert Phair.

Phair was a student at Whatcom Middle School where her classmates learned of the tragedy on Monday.

"It was really sad," said student Samantha Longley. "Hard for me to get through classes, thinking that she was gone. And when the teachers announced it, I was kind of crying."

Investigators are now working to find out where the party took place and who supplied the drugs and alcohol to the teen.

"If we find out that alcohol and drugs contributed to death, the person who furnished it could be charged," Sucee said.