'Ain't no use in protesting': Nickelsville residents told to leave

SEATTLE - The deadline is looming for Nickelsville residents. As of Sunday, the homeless camp named after former Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels will be shut down.

On Saturday, residents were scrambling to clean up. Some were stressed about the closure, while others were taking it in stride.

"I feel terrible that we have to move," said one Nickelsville resident, Larry Washington, as he tore down his makeshift home.

He is one of more than 100 people the City Council is relocating from the Nickelsville camp.

"Ain't no use in protesting and telling the people downtown what we need, because what's done is done," says Washington.

Across the camp, Michael Keever removed his tent from the platform but still needs to pack. He's waiting to figure out where he'll go next - a change he's looking forward to.

"If you think about it, this is probably the least desirable spot in King County to be homeless in a camp - it's a day's expedition to get some groceries up the hill," he says.

The Nickelsville camp is splitting into three neighborhoods in Seattle.

One of them is at 20th Avenue and Jackson Street in the Central District, adjacent to a low-income housing complex and across from Washington Middle School.

"I got mixed feelings about where we're moving to," says Charlotte Kahaloa. "I just follow my husband. Wherever he goes, I'm going."

While most aren't sure where they're going - they do say it likely won't be an easy process.

The city of Seattle is giving everyone in Nickelsville three days to move out and clean up - and they're still asking for your help, whether it's through your time, monetary donations or other needed goods.