After 28 years of bawdy cakes, Seattle's Erotic Bakery closing

SEATTLE -- After nearly three decades in business, a bawdy Seattle bakery is turning off the ovens and closing up shop.

Wallingford's Erotic Bakery, which has been baking boob-shaped brownies and other edible adult creations since 1986, will close at the end of September, owner Kimmie Barnett said.

"Anyone can have a bakery that sells pies or regular marzipan, but people want the unusual. That's why we stood the test of time for 28 years," Barnett said. "I guess I didn't realize how iconic we were until just recently. Now all of a sudden people are like, 'You're closing? No no. Say it isn't true.' "

Barnett bought the business, originally called Marzi's Tarts, in 1999. She doesn't have a firm number on how many 'adult' cookies and cupcakes have been made throughout the years.

"We're not sure how many cakes we've done, but we like to say we've served over 20 million inches," Barnett joked. "You name it. If it is any kind of an entity, we've probably made it in the shape of this guy right here," she added, gesturing to a male-themed cake.

The bakery is scheduled to close at the end of September, with Barnett wanting to spend more time with her children. Two of them have worked in the store since they were young, but it wasn't enough, she said.

"Right now they're at a time in their life where I don't want to miss those final years," Barnett added. "It's definitely bittersweet. I do feel that it is time and I just want to be (with them) in Enumclaw."

On Wednesday, customers who'd heard the news were stopping in the store for one final phallic fix.

"It's kind of what makes Seattle weird and old Seattle and what makes it important," said one customer, Nicole, who asked that she only use her first name. "It makes me sad and it's part of our history and we're losing it."

Barnett added that she's had a few potential buyers for the business but wasn't certain she was going to have a deal before the end of the month.

"What we do is sell emotion. We don't really sell cakes," Barnett added. "A cake is a centerpiece of any party. I am so proud to have that on my resume."