Accused Seattle rapist has 39 prior convictions

SEATTLE -- A man accused of raping a woman in Pioneer Square last week had just gotten out of jail four days earlier, and now some are wondering why the man was allowed to walk free in the first place.

The rape allegation is just part of a lengthy rap sheet for Anthony Hawkins that includes more than three dozen convictions.

With 39 criminal convictions, Hawkins is familiar to cops, jailers and crime victims. But even if the latest arrest ends in a conviction, because of the nature of his crimes, it would only be the 37-year-old sex offender's second strike.

Prosecutors say Hawkins attacked and raped a woman in early hours of May 19. He claimed he knew her and that the sex was consensual, but police say cameras nearby prove otherwise.

According to court records, Hawkins already has seven felony, 12 gross misdemeanor and 20 misdemeanor convictions.

In 2012 he was arrested near Seattle University for allegedly running around naked close to teenagers. Last year he pleaded guilty and served time for felony indecent exposure.

Even with those other charges and other crimes, that was only his first strike, according to prosecutors.

He was released from prison on April 14, but the Department of Corrections says he violated his rules of supervision and was arrested May 6. Despite breaking his supervision and his lengthy record, Hawkins was let out of jail on May 15.

Four days later police say he was in Pioneer Square committing rape.

Department of Corrections officials say Hawkins was supposed to have gone to a supervision hearing that very day. Instead he was in cuffs -- and in jail -- facing another possible felony.

Prosecutors call Hawkins an "extreme danger to the community." Jail logs show his bail was denied, so this time it appears he may stay behind bars for awhile.

His next court day is scheduled for June.