Accused mother claims someone else killed her daughter

OLYMPIA, Wash. -- A mother is accused of beating her child so violently the injuries are similar to that of a car crash.

2-year-old Kelsy Hachtel died early Tuesday morning from those injuries. Her mother Monique was arrested two days later.

Thurston County sheriff's detectives believe the child died a slow agonizing death after being beaten severely by her mother Monique. Investigators believe Kelsy was assaulted by her mother last Wednesday and Thursday. Her liver was lacerated and there were other internal injuries along with bruising.

"I mean this was an awful, horrendous, brutal attack on this poor child," said Sgt. Ray Brady of the Thurston County sheriff's office.

It all happened at the family's home near Lacey. Detectives say the little girl started showing signs that something was terribly wrong on Friday with severe bruising and throwing up dark liquid.

Other family members in the house reportedly encouraged her to take the child to the doctor. But they say the mother showed no interest in seeking medical help until it was too late. Kelsy stopped breathing just after midnight Tuesday.

"It's really awful and sad," said the neighbor next door in the duplex. What does she think of the arrest? "I think it's good because you shouldn't do that to your child."

Hachtel's family burst out of the courtroom proclaiming her innocence: "It's all fake. She's not the one who did it. You guys are prosecuting her before she even gets a chance."

They point the finger at another family member. "She was asleep and every time that baby got hurt she was not home." She's asked, "Who did this?" Family member said, "The brother in law."

The girl suffered a broken leg last November while the brother-in-law was watching her, but CPS said it appeared to be an accidental fall from the bed and closed the case Feb. 12. Detectives cleared the brother-in-law as a suspect in the death since the mother allegedly admitted she was the only one with Kelsy at the time the assault would have taken place.

A judge set bail at $750,000 and took her passport, fearing Hachtel was planning on returning to Mexico.

Her other two children are in CPS protective custody.