Accused Lake Stevens murderer pleads not guilty

EVERETT, Wash. -- The man suspected in a brutal {A href=""}Lake Stevens murder pleaded not guilty Monday afternoon to a first-degree murder charge.

Prosecutors say 25-year-old Anthony Garver tied up 20-year-old Phillipa Evans-Lopez at her Lake Stevens home, gagged her with a ball of cloth and stabbed her 24 times in the chest before slashing her throat. The woman's body was found June 17.

Garver was arrested earlier this month at an Everett fast food restaurant after investigators found his DNA at the crime scene, according to prosecutors. Because Garver has a criminal history, his DNA was collected in a government database.

Garver was released from federal prison in February after serving time for threatening to blow up a government building in Spokane.

FBI agents reported Garver was an experienced survivalist with bullet proof vests, night vision goggles, police scanners, equipment for making false IDs, an altered passport and maps with GPS coordinates marked along the Canadian border.

Garver is being held without bail.