Accused 'Felony Lane Gang' leader wanted in Washington

BOTHELL, Wash. -- A gang of Florida-based identity thieves known as the "Felony Lane Gang" is now targeting victims in the Pacific Northwest, and police are desperate to find the gang's leader.

Ronald Jason Rhoda shouldn't be tough to spot, thanks to the large "Gucci" tattoo across his neck. But police haven't found him yet, and they say he's wanted for smashing car windows and stealing information used to steal identities.

Rhoda is accused of running the Felony Lane Gang, which the FBI estimates has more than 100 members working out of Florida.

The gang was given its name because members use the farthest drive-through lanes at banks when they pass checks using fake IDs. Investigators believe they use the "felony lane" because it's more difficult for cameras and tellers to see them.

Local detectives believe Rhoda and a 24-year-old female accomplice broke into cars parked at baseball fields, gyms, daycare centers, a Gig Harbor YMCA and the University of Washington Medical Center.

The duo is accused of stealing $2,700 from one victim in Issaquah, $3,400 from a victim in Everett, and $1,900 from a Gig Harbor resident. And police say that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Rhoda, who already has a long rap sheet in Florida, has been charged with a host of crimes in both Pierce and Snohomish counties. Police say he has short hair and a slim build.

Anyone with information about Rhoda is asked to call the police.