Accused child rapist wants to show tapes to victims

TACOMA, Wash. -- The man accused of raping young boys and videotaping the incidents says he wants to show the videotapes to the victims.

Investigators say Marc Gilbert enticed young boys to his home in Lake Tapps where they played sex games while he recorded them.

Gilbert, now on trial, is acting as his own attorney. On Monday, he told a judge he wants to interview his alleged victims and show the victims the video footage he took. A standby attorney would do the actual interview.

"Our intention to show the videos during the pre-trial interviews is in no way an attempt to harass or embarrass these poor people involved in this thing," he said.

Gilbert's case gained notoriety when KOMO News first reported on a strange quirk in the law that allowed Gilbert to watch the videos of the alleged abuse while sitting behind bars.

He has already pleaded guilty in federal court to sex crimes and received a 25-year prison sentence.

He is now facing charges in Pierce County that could lead to more prison time.

At least one of his alleged victims said he is ready to testify.

The man, now 22, said he was only 10 years old when Gilbert first lured him into a secret room filled with pornography and sex devices. He said Gilbert attacked him on many occasions.

Correction: In the original version of this story, we said that Gilbert wanted to interview of his victims. Even though he is representing himself, a standby attorney would conduct the actual interview.