Accidentally recording bar patron on phone gets man knocked out

SEATTLE -- A man knocked out a fellow nightclub patron for accidentally recording him on his cellphone, according to the Seattle Police Department.

According to the police report for the incident, the victim was at a Belltown nightclub to celebrate his friend's 21st birthday around 2 a.m. last Saturday.

He was filming the festivities with his cellphone when a man reportedly approached him and said, "Keep recording, man. Keep recording" before aggressively bumping him with his chest.

According to the report, the victim apologized for accidentally filming the man and his friends and put away his phone.

The victim tried to walk away, but the man grabbed him by the throat and punched him in the face, knocking him unconscious, according to the report.

The victim's friends took him to the hospital but had to taken him to a second hospital that had an ophthalmologist on hand to repair the damage to the victim's eye and eyelid.

While it led to him being attacked, the victim's recording of his friend's birthday celebration also means he has video of the suspect, which he told officers he would email them.

Perhaps those Seattle businesses banning Google Glass aren't so crazy, after all.