'Absolutely mind-blowing': Newlyweds discover surprising connection

MAPLE VALLEY, Wash. -- Just before they tied the knot, John Day and Stephanie Oberlander discovered something startling about their past.

"It was absolutely mind-blowing," said the bride's mother, Melanie Oberlander.

The couple just returned from their honeymoon on Thursday night, but their story began years ago.

Stephanie was born in May of 1987 and grew up in Federal Way. She was a gregarious little girl who joined the debate team and volunteered.

At the same time, a quiet kid named John lived on a Bothell farm.

Stephanie and John crossed paths during freshman year of college at Central Washington University. The two hit it off.

But they didn't realize how connected they really were until Stephanie started pulling childhood photos from her baby book for their wedding. That's when she saw the birth announcement.

"I dropped the book -- I was shocked. I screamed or shrieked," she said. "His parents' names were listed just two names above my mom's name."

In that same hospital, in the same maternity ward, Stephanie and John were born only 12 hours apart.

"It felt like somebody planned it an arranged marriage of sorts," said John.

John was born at 6:30 p.m., Stephanie at 6:30 the next morning.

"They were just made for each other, and this just sealed the deal for us," Melanie said.

Call it fate or call it fate, but now you can call them Mr. and Mrs. Day.