A very special first birthday for a girl who has beaten all odds

EVERETT, Wash. -- May 17th was a very special day Hannah Mae Campbell and her family as they celebrated Hannah's first birthday.

The fact that she even made it to her first birthday is borderline miraculous.

Hannah has a tiny heart with a tumor inside that required 59 blood transfusions in four months. Her heart grew uncontrollably and she was on full body life support.

It meant 169 days at Seattle Children's Hospital -- a little life dangling by a thread.

Her disease is called "diffuse rhabdomyomatosis". Nobody on record anywhere, has ever survived it.

Until Hannah Mae.

"It's like falling off a cliff and landing in a bed of feathers and rolling over and falling off another cliff and then realizing you know what? You're OK, because everybody reached out and helped you," said John Campbell, Hannah's father.

Hannah is alive today, smiling and waving because of a heart transplant on Sept. 24. Maybe you remember that as the day Golden Tate made the crazy catch on Monday Night Football that beat the Green Bay Packers?

"The referee comes out and says the play on the field stands, Seahawks win the game. Touchdown, right?" John Campbell said. "And 30 seconds later, the nurse comes out and says the doctor wanted me to tell you, the heart is in, and it's beating normally. And we'd just got done cheering for the Seahawks game, so we jumped up again and hugged each other and cried."

Today, the star was Hannah Mae, bright and full of life.

But the Puget Sound Blood Center was there too, having a blood drive. People lined up.

And of course, there was talk of the miracle of organ donation.

"If this mother and father did not make this decision for this 13-month old boy, we would not have our daughter," Jennifer Campbell said. "We would not have her here. And for someone to make that unselfish decision, at their time of grieving - they had just lost a child. To give me my baby... it's the most amazing thing."

For Hanna Mae Campbell, it was a rough start. But that makes this party all the sweeter.

Hannah Mae will be on anti-rejection drugs for the rest of her life, and sometime around the age of 15, she'll probably need another heart transplant.