A different kind of donation: Art for Oso

DARRINGTON, WA -- They could have picked Disneyland. Or a family jaunt to Cabo. Maybe even late-season skiing. But instead, Port Angeles teenager Billy Minks was behind the wheel of an SUV driving his family to Darrington with artwork in the back.

Billy's mother Karianne helped form the idea. She wanted to add a touch of personality and support to donations that had been piling up in Darrington for the Oso slide victims: art.

"Something they can walk by every day and know that there's somebody out there thinking about them," Karianne said.

The Minks and other family friends made the four-hour trip to Darrington's community center in order to donate paintings, drawings and art from all over Port Angeles. Their goal was to heal the heart and mind just as the packs of dry goods and water have helped the body.

"So that they have a sense of comfort and something that brings a new warmth to their home," Karianne said.

The family says that in times of need, gestures of all sizes matter because memories and emotions can't be taken away.

"Money can help a lot but it can only go so far. These things can help people for the rest of their life," Billy said.