95-year sentence for series of Bremerton robberies

PORT ORCHARD, Wash. (AP) - A man convicted of participating in home-invasion robberies in Bremerton and Central Kitsap County in 2010 has been sentenced to 95 years in prison.

The Kitsap Sun reports the 23-year-old, La'Juanta Le'Vear Conner, was the only of four defendants in the case to go to trial. The other three men involved in the invasions entered guilty pleas and received anywhere from 11 weeks to 10 years in prison.

Jurors found him guilty of 24 out of 26 allegations. His sentence was extended because of firearms possession. Thirteen firearms enhancements were applied to Conner's sentence. The sentences were also extended because victims were present during the burglaries.

Conner's supporters gasped and cried as the judge announced her decision on Friday. Many had asked the judge to be lenient.