911 caller: 'You better get some cops up here with some guns'

SEATTLE -- Newly-obtained 911 calls from panicked neighbors show just how terrifying last week's bulldozer rampage in Port Angeles really was.

On the tapes, callers describe watching a large machine barreling down a Port Angeles road and smashing homes and cars.

"Oh my God, someone's on a tractor," one caller screamed. "There's somebody on a tractor on Pioneer Road South. Oh my gosh!"

Investigators say Barry Swegle smashed his way through four homes, a truck and a power pole during a revenge-fueled rampage last Friday.

One man was talking to a 911 dispatcher as he watched his house being destroyed.

"You better get some cops up here with some guns because this son of a gun is crazy," the caller said. "Now I don't have a house, I don't have a truck, I don't have power on my property. He totally destroyed my place. Totally."

Police say Swegle was angry about a longstanding dispute over a property line and fence. He's now in jail on $1 million bail.