83-year-old woman attacked by burglars ransacking home

EDMONDS, Wash. -- Two suspected burglars were arrested Friday afternoon after they attacked an 83-year-old woman during a robbery at her home, police said.

The woman came back to her home in the 22800 block of 75th Ave. W. around 3 p.m. to find two men burglarizing her home.

The men attacked the woman then ran off on foot.

"I just worry about mom and she's very scared," said the woman's daughter Huong Le. She came to the home after the attack and said her mom was shaken up.

Edmonds police quickly arrived and arrested one of the burglars, who was found hiding nearby. Officers also recovered a backpack on the man that contained some of the stolen items from the victim's home, police said.

The second burglar ran west across SR-99 and was on the run for a couple of hours before officers were able to track him down and take him into custody around 5:30 p.m. Police say a cab driver picked up the second suspect in the area of the burglary.

That driver, named Emanuel was actually taking the cab to a mechanic to get its brakes serviced. He said that second suspect approached the cab. "He knocked on the car and told me 'I need ride,'" Emanuel said.

The mechanic told Emanuel to be cautious and that it may be the wanted man. So Emanuel stalled and shared his cab number with police. He drove slowly down Aurora and ended up at a gas station. He pretended to need a fill-up. The police were waiting instead and arrested the man.

Edmonds police say there are no other suspects in the case. Le says it appears all the stolen property was found and returned.