$80 or more to park?!? Twelves find sky high prices near stadium

SEATTLE -- Between the food and the beer -- and the parking and the merchandise, it can cost a pretty-penny going to any Seahawks game. But we found that the Seahawks' season opener against the Green Bay Packers is costing fans even more than usual.

We started with tracking parking a couple of blocks away from CenturyLink Field. One lot we spied was charging $60, which is the highest it had ever been at that lot, until the attendant said to take a look around the corner, where a lot was advertising $80.

And wouldn't you know, by noon the lot was full. And those people probably got a good deal as one lot nearby went to $120 in the afternoon.

Next, we checked-out the food -- A dollar for water, $3 for corn on the cob, $7s for tacos, and just a simple hot dog was $4.

It's all a dream come true for vendors like L.T.

"I'm trying to make $2,000," he said. "At least $2,000. That's good for one day."

Tickets on the street are going for about $300. Figure $80 as average for parking; food for the day at $50, beer, another $50?

That's almost $500 right there.

And then there's the merchandise: shirts, hats and jerseys, you name it.

"Total came to $150 with my season ticket holder discount," one person said.

But nobody we asked seemed to care one bit how they spent.

"No, I don't care today, it's the season opener - go Hawks!"