777X to be designed outside Washington state, Boeing says

CHICAGO - Boeing is announcing a design team for its next generation 777, and so far no one from Washington State is involved.

Boeing says the 777X design will be carried out by engineering teams in Philadelphia, St.Louis, Charleston SC, Huntsville Ala, and Long Beach Calif. The company says the Boeing Design Center in Moscow, Russia will also support the design activity.

In a memo to workers obtained by KOMO News, Boeing says "at this time, no decisions have been made about 777X design or build in Puget Sound."

The current 777 is assembled in Everett. News reports earlier this week suggest Charleston is leading the way to land the assembly work on the 777X.

The redesigned 777 is not expected to fly for at least another 7 years, but Boeing is already fielding pre-orders for the twin-engine wide body jet worth as much as $87 billion.