$75,000 from auction will go to Seattle fugitive's creditors

KENMORE, Wash. -- Expensive designer merchandise was auctioned off at bargain prices Thursday at the James G. Murphy Company in Kenmore. The opulent items once belonged to a Seattle fugitive and his wife who now live in France.

"We had Prada, Jimmy Choo, Fendi, Chanel and it just goes on and on and on," said Tim Murphy, who is the President of James G. Murphy Company and also served as the auctioneer for the event.

The lavish items included high-end handbags, jackets, furs, clothes, shoes, luggage and much more. More than 80 people filled the room as the auction got underway.

"My clients always love Chanel, so it's exciting," said Jessica Milton, who was shopping for her business.

Milton owns an online consignment shop and spent big bucks on items that originally belonged to Seattle fugitive real estate developer Michael Mastro and his wife Linda. The merchandise was seized from the couple in France, where they currently live.

"It's a pretty wild story," said Milton. "It almost adds to the excitement of the auction."

Mastro was forced into bankruptcy in 2009, but in 2011 the couple fled to France after refusing a judge's order to turn over two giant diamond rings worth millions. They left behind an estimated $250 million dollars in debts. Proceeds from Thursday's auction -- $75,000 -- will go to pay the couple's creditors.

"What comes around, goes around," said Stephanie Cook, who was in attendance at the auction from Lakewood.

Nearly all 200 items sold in the less than three hours.

"We had 17,500 hits on our website, so you know there's interest," said Murphy. "It's every ladies dream to come to an auction like this."