60-year-old man found with missing teen accused of kidnapping

LYNNWOOD, Wash. - Family friends say a 14-year-old girl, rescued Thursday after being kidnapped, is so traumatized she's back in the hospital The girl, with the mental capacity of a 10-year-old, was kidnapped by a 60-year-old undocumented man, Albino Estrada Montano, according to Snohomish Sheriff's deputies.

Family friends of the victim watched, in anger, as Montano made his brief court appearance Friday.

"What a creep," says Kandi Henson, also a former caregiver for the victim. "What an absolute creep, to do this to our girl that we care so much for."

Sheriff's detectives say the girl left home on her bike Wednesday morning to visit a friend and that Montano approached her later at an area restaurant. Court documents report the 60-year-old suspect, in the country without legal documents, convinced her to accompany him to Lynnwood and then forced her to
spend the night with him at a trailer park in the home of a friend.

"He forced her to take some pills and threatened to assault her if she did not," says Sheriff's Spokeswoman Shari Ireton.

The girl was rescued Thursday after she went to a nearby grocery store and an alert clerk recognized her from news reports. Manager Larry Brown says the clerk has a child of his own and is a really good guy. "He's a hero," Brown said of the clerk.

The victim was taken to an area hospital Thursday and checked out but sheriff's officials can't say if she was assaulted. Meanwhile, family friends tell us the 14-year-old victim was doing alright Friday morning but that her mental health has deteriorated and she's now back in the hospital.

"She's very traumatized," says Henson. "She doesn't really understand what's going on."

Both Henson and caregiver Shelly Dana told us the victim's family has been trying to get services for their daughter for over a year...with little luck. "This has been a cry for help now," says Dana, "and I hope it gets heard. This family needs the help and this child is worth it."

No one was at the Lynnwood trailer home when we checked in earlier Friday and the sheriff's office says the residents aren't in trouble because they didn't know the girl was missing when she was there.

Estrada Montano is being held in lieu of $100,000 bond and charges will likely be filed in the case early next week.