49ers fan to Seahawks' 12th Man: Pipe down or lose home games

SEATTLE -- At least two San Francisco 49ers fans think they have a simple solution to help their team win next time they come to Seattle to play the Seahawks: Tell the fans to shut up or else.

The Seahawks' "12th Man" was in full form during Sunday night's 29-3 pasting of the 49ers at CenturyLink Field, not only shattering the 49ers' ear drums but also shattering the Guinness World Record for the loudest crowd ever at 136.6 decibels.

But for Judy Spelman and Rick Schiller of Point Reyes Station, Calif., the crowd noise was not just an advantage for the Seahawks, but an unfair one.

"Was anyone else appalled by the unsportsmanlike conduct of the Seattle Seahawks and their fans, juiced on noise, which surely creates as big an advantage over an opponent as any performance enhancing drug and which, to their shame, NFL officials turn the same blind eye they have to concussions and drugs?" the pair wrote in a Letter to the Editor at the San Francisco Chronicle on Wednesday.

Spelman and Schiller go on suggest that a simple fix would be for Seahawks players and managers to just ask fans to pipe down. (No word on whether they would also ask that the Seahawks' defense to stop trying to catch all those Colin Kaepernick passes that were clearly intended for a member of the 49ers receiving core, because that's stealing and not very nice either.)

And what if we don't hush down? Their idea is the NFL would allow visiting teams to just stop the game if the stadium gets too loud and if those pesky Seahawks fans don't take heed, Seattle would lose home games the rest of the season and postseason.

"Things would quiet down," they suggest.

Something tells me it wouldn't...