4 thieves on the loose after brazen robbery at Southcenter Mall

Police investigate an armed robbery Tuesday at Southcenter Mall. (KOMO Photo)

TUKWILA, Wash. -- Four thieves are on the run after a brazen smash-and-grab robbery at a jewelry store at Tukwila's Southcenter Mall Tuesday afternoon.

It was around 1:30 when three men and a woman ran into the Ben Bridge armed with hammers and started breaking into cases and taking jewelry.

"There were no words spoken, no threats made, no guns involved," said Sgt. Mike Murphy with Tukwila Police. "They just smashed and grabbed and ran."

Meanwhile, mall store managers rushed shoppers away to safe places.

"All of a sudden a manager came into the store, locked the door and told all of us to get to the back of the store," said Aliah Elaoud.

Witnesses reported on social media of hearing possible gunfire but police say the "gunfire" was the sound of the glass cases being smashed.

The robbers got away, but they were not wearing masks, so Tukwila police say they have them clear as day on surveillance video.

"The odds of them getting away for long are slim, we're gonna find out who they are quickly," Murphy said.

Police said no one was hurt, except for one of the robbers.

"One of them tried to break a case with his fist and we can see on the video that he was probably bleeding from that fist," Murphy said.

As the robbers fled, the lockdowns were quickly lifted.

"Finally a security guard came by and gave the thumbs up through the glass," Elaoud said.

NOTE: Originally, Tukwila Police said it was an armed robbery, but have since corrected their tweets to say the robbers were unarmed.

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