38-year sentence for killing at Tacoma warehouse party

TACOMA, Wash. - A 37-year-old man convicted of murder for shooting a man at a warehouse party in Tacoma was sentenced Thursday to 38 years in prison.

Pierce County prosecutors say Devennice Gaines shot 40-year-old Bruce Price in April 2012.

According to witnesses, Gaines got in a physical altercation with a man in a wheelchair during a motorcycle gang party. The prosecutor says witnesses heard Price criticize Gaines for fighting with the man in a wheelchair and that's when Gaines pulled out his gun.

The prosecutor's office says Gaines is allegedly affiliated with the Blood street gang from Seattle. He has prior convictions for manslaughter, robbery, assault, drug and firearm offenses.

Price was allegedly affiliated with a rival gang, the Hilltop Crips.