33 cats saved after son turns in father for hoarding

SEATTLE -- A son's call for help saved 33 feline lives, and two of those lives are ready for new homes.

Last week a man in Shoreline called King County animal control authorities to report his father was living in hoarding conditions, and owned more than two dozen cats and kittens.

The animals were seized and two of them are now awaiting adoption at Cat City in the U District.

"A lot of folks that end up in these hoarding situations really do mean well and they think they're rescuing these cats," said Steph Renaud. She is one of the caregivers for Kale and Jacob at Cat City, two of the cats ready for new homes.

Renaud said acclimating cats to a new environment can be time consuming and difficult. Many times the animals have known no other life.

"Thirty cats to one human. There's just not enough time to spend with that many cats," she said.

Cat City is a no-kill shelter and focuses on keeping the animals in social pods with plenty of sunlight.
Kale is still a bit skiddish of more than one person being around at a time.

It's an investment to unravel the challenging life the cats have had.

A life that was saved because there was a call for help.

"Sometimes there are a little tougher cases that need a little more patience and socialization," Renaud said.