3 Seattle colleges dropping 'community' from names

SEATTLE - Seattle's three community colleges are losing the "community."

The district's board voted unanimously to change the names to Seattle Central College, South Seattle College and North Seattle College.

The change was approved Thursday by the board of the Seattle Community Colleges District, which will now be known as Seattle Colleges.

"The decision came after a year-long exploration of national and statewide trends; opinion surveys of students, employees and community partners; and consultation with business and civic leaders and representatives from Seattle Public Schools," Susan Kostick, Interim Communications Director, Seattle Colleges said.

All three now offer a bachelor's degree in applied science, with additional third- and fourth-year coursework for students who have completed a two-year technical degree. In the past, that two-year degree was as far as those students could go.

The district's name changes are expected to go into effect by September.