3 Puyallup Fair workers fired for not disclosing sex offender status

PUYALLUP, Wash. -- Three people who worked as carnival ride workers at the Puyallup State Fair have been fired after it was discovered they were registered sex offenders.

Police say these three lied on their job applications about their criminal past, and when the truth came out, the three were fired on the spot.

The three were considered Level I sex offenders -- deemed the least likely to re-offend. Investigators say the three weren't fired for being sex offenders, but for lying on their job applications when asked if they had a criminal history.

The Fair says ride operator Funtastic does background checks on hundreds of its employees -- but not all. The truth about the sex offenders eventually surfaced from other law enforcement agencies.

"They started working and when they found out they had filled out their applications improperly, they were let go at that time," said Puyallup State Fair spokeswoman Karen LaFlamme.

Police say it wasn't illegal for those three to be around children, it was just against the carnival company policy of having them work around children.

One worker was fired the first day of the fair before the rides started, but two worked several days in direct contact with kids.

And while that might be scary for some parents to hear, Capt. Scott Engle with Puyallup Police says the good point was that the system worked.

"The information came forward," he said.

Police say it's also important to note that no children were harmed, and if any of the sex offenders had restrictions placed on them, they would have been arrested on the spot.