$26k of designer sunglasses stolen from Redmond business

REDMOND, Wash. -- A sunglasses case at a Redmond eye care center is nearly empty after a burglar tossed a giant rock through the front door then took off with more than $26,000 worth of designer sunglasses.

"It was terrifying. I actually had nightmares for, gosh, probably about a week," said Dr. MaryJane Healey, the eye center's owner.

The break-in at Healey Vision, located at 16375 NE 85th Street, happened at 12:56 a.m. on Aug. 18. Police were notified after Redmond Fire responded to a call nearby and noticed the entrance door at Healey Vision was smashed.

Surveillance cameras showed a large rock being tossed through the door. The thief then entered wearing khaki pants, a striped blue sweater, and a black belt. He wore socks on his hands and attempted to cover his face with a t-shirt.

Healey is now trying to raise awareness about the issue after seeing a story on KOMO on Tuesday night about a smash-and-grab case in Pierce County.

"It just brought back memories. I feel bad for them," said Healey. "I know what kind of things you have to do -- dealing with the insurance companies, just picking up the pieces."

In the University Place incident, the thief also tossed a large rock through the glass door. The thief took off with $5,000 worth of designer sunglasses. University Place Police Chief Mike Blair said they do not have any suspects but are contacting other law enforcement agencies for possible suspect information.

Meanwhile, Healey is still trying to replace some of the stolen inventory and has now installed an alarm system.

"We really never believed that we'd ever have a smash-and-grab type of situation. We're a clinic based off of taking care of patients," said Healey.