25 years later, Tacoma man finally sentenced in murder case

TACOMA, Wash. -- A convicted murderer from Tacoma was sentenced Friday to nearly 75 years in prison, ending a two and a half decade saga of trials and courtroom drama.

Larry Tarrer was convicted for the 1991 shooting that paralyzed Claudia McCorvey and killed her unborn son. Another victim, Lavern Simpkins, was also killed in the shooting.

McCorvey spoke directly to Tarrer at Friday's hearing, where the 40-year-old was sentenced to 74 years in prison for murder, attempted murder and manslaughter.

"You're a menace to society," she said. "I hope you will forever rot in that prison cell and that you will never be able to walk free again."

Tarrer's sentencing was a long time coming. For more than 20 years, he has appealed convictions and had a re-trial because a prosecutor referenced 9/11 in closing arguments.

Tarrer is Muslim and argued that the 9/11 comments tainted the jury.

Brenda Blockman, who is the sister of Tarrer's other victim, broke down in court as she tried to read a statement about Tarrer.

"A cold-hearted, dope-dealing murderer who, to this day, has not shown one ounce of regret or remorse," she said.

Tarrer will begin serving his new sentence after he completes a 10-year sentence in a federal prison for unrelated drug charges.