24 arrested in SeaFair patrols

MERCER ISLAND, Wash. -- Police and marine units spend Sunday patrolling the crowded waters of Lake Washington as thousands were on hand to celebrate the final day of Seafair.

Officers say they haven't seen as many boats out here this weekend compared to years' past, but their goal is still the same: to keep everyone out there safe.

"You get a lot of inexperienced boaters," said Mercer Island Officer Chris Dechant. "Folks that come out once or twice and they really don't have an idea of what they're doing out here."

During Seafair, restrictions are in place at various locations along the lake for water safety, but officers are also looking for the usual infractions: Speed violations, expired decals, overloading and boats carrying passengers in an unsafe manner.

The most common violation we found while riding along with patrol officers was having passengers on the swim step of the boat while it was moving.

Off the water, officers at the command center were dealing with the unruly passengers and had made 24 arrests through early Sunday evening.

So far this weekend, officers have responded to two drownings, including one Saturday on Lake Washington. Police say a 26-year-old man jumped off a boat and never resurfaced. Divers recovered the victim's body about four hours later and investigators say alcohol may have played a role in the incident.