$20,000 reward to expire in murdered hikers cold case

SNOHOMISH COUNTY, Wash. - Six years ago a mother and daughter were gunned down while hiking. With no witnesses or suspects, the case dominated headlines.

Hikers found Mary Cooper and her daughter Susanna Stodden along a popular hiking trail to Pinnacle Lake in Granite Falls on Mt. Pilchuk, both fatally shot.

Six years later the police still have no suspects, and the $20,000 tip reward raised by friends and family is about to expire in September.

"It's money I raised," said David Stodden, husband and father of the victims. "One of my neighbors put in $5000."

One requirement for setting-up any reward is also creating an expiration date, sometimes used as a tactic to pressure people who have information into talking.

"I've always assumed it's going to be solved at some point here," Stodden said. "Mary and Susanna were really pretty, pretty special people, I haven't given up."

Stodden says the $20,000 will be given to the Washington Trails Association and the Seattle Public Library, two groups dear to the family. He has no plans to raise new funds.

Investigators say they're still actively working the case, and Stodden is not a suspect or person of interest.

"We would certainly welcome any tips the public might have that would aid detectives," investigators said.

Stodden says although the search for his wife and daughter's killer is frustrating and painful, he'll never quit.

"You can't always think about this so much or you will go crazy," Stodden said. "I try to keep going."