2 women charged in connection with teen's alcohol-related death

CHEHALIS, Wash. - Two 22-year-old Chehalis women were charged Wednesday with multiple counts of furnishing liquor to minors and reckless endangerment following the death of an intoxicated teen who was hit by a car while lying in the road in May.

On the night of May 11, prosecutors say Megan Day and Talia Tate bought 42 beers, two bottles of vodka and a bottle of whiskey for a group of minors, one of whom was Day's younger brother. The teens were were throwing a party in a shed in the 100 block of Brockway Road in Chehalis, according to charging documents.

One of the teens attending the party was 16-year-old Tyler Shawn Gonzalez. Gonzalez wandered away from the party and for some reason he decided to lay down in the roadway while wearing dark clothing in an area with no streetlights.

He was struck at about 2:30 a.m. on May 12 by an SUV while lying in the road. As a result of the impact, Gonzalez died of blunt internal trauma to the head, chest, and abdomen. His post-mortem blood-alcohol level was .17.

During a police interview following the death, Day said she normally only let her brother and his friends drink at her house because she knew they would stay there. She also said she made sure the teens would be staying at the shed before she bought the alcohol.

Day and Tate were both charged with six counts of furnishing liquor to minors and seven counts of reckless endangerment.