2 violent home-invasion robberies reported in Kitsap Co.

PORT ORCHARD, Wash. -- Violent, gun-toting robbers barged into a North Kitsap home Thursday night and roughed up the young residents before leaving with money and electronics, according to the Kitsap County Sheriff's Office.

Deputies say the Thursday night robbery was actually the second reported that day in Kitsap County.

Three Poulsbo residents say a trio of masked men robbed them at gunpoint and then pepper sprayed them Thursday at roughly 11:30 p.m.

Deputies say one of the residents was in his bedroom when he heard someone knocking at the front door. He and one of his roommates got up to see who it was, but before they could find out two masked men came rushing in through the back door, according to deputies.

A third robber, who was armed with a handgun, came in through the front door. The robbers rounded up the residents, all of whom are in their late teens, and forced them into a bedroom while the thieves went room-to-room collecting cash and electronics.

Deputies say a robber pepper sprayed all three residents and one of the residents was hit over the head with a gun. The robbers then left with the stolen property and the residents called 911.

Deputies and a K-9 unit searched the area but didn't find the men. Police say evidence found outside the house, along with indications from the tracking dog, show the robbers likely parked a getaway vehicle nearby.

One of the robbers is described a white man who stands roughly 6'3" tall with stocky build. He was wearing a green coat and green Balaclava-style ski mask, according to deputies. The second robber is also a white man. He is described as standing 5'10" tall with a thin build. He was was wearing a black ski mask, a black hoodie, jeans and white shoes. The third robber was a heavier man with darker skin. He stands roughly 5'6" tall and wore a clown mask and a grey coat. He was carrying a black handgun, according to deputies.

When they got 911 call about the robbery, detectives were already investigating a Thursday morning home invasion robbery that happened in Port Orchard.

In that case, a woman told police two men broke into her Bethel Burley Road house. The woman said she heard pounding on her door just after 2 a.m. and assumed it was one of her friends. When she opened the door, the woman said two men forced their way in and knocked her to the ground.

One of the men kept his foot on her chest so she couldn't move while the second man searched her house. Both men then left without taking any property, according to deputies.

The woman didn't get a good look at either man because of the darkness, but she told deputies one of the men was roughly 6 feet tall and the second was shorter with a "medium build." She said the men were wearing dark clothes and their faces were covered.

Deputies searched the area but didn't find the men.

Anyone with information about these incidents are asked to contact Detective Jerry Swayze at (360) 337-4479.