2 men caught on camera breaking in to Marysville home

MARYSVILLE, Wash. -- A Marysville homeowner is on the hunt for two men caught on camera breaking into his house.

His home's surveillance system captured a 2000-2002 dark green Pontiac Grand Am cruising their driveway Friday evening. The car then drives to the backyard and the first burglar gets out and tries to smash in the door, but fails.

The driver tries next and has better luck bashing in the door. Surveillance photos show that they rifled through boxes and drawers in several rooms, dumping most of it on the carpet. Then, just 2 minutes and 14 seconds later, the two thieves come back out carrying boxes full of goods valued at about $25,000 -- jewelry, mostly.

Moments, later, the Grand Am was speeding away from the driveway.

It is Mark King's house and he's not happy.

"This is our home. This is our place of security," King said. "And the violation you feel when someone does that, it's hard to shake it."

The burglars left clues -- the first man left a noseprint on the outer window, and he left behind a cigarette butt that would have his DNA on it.

King is glad his wife and children weren't home.

"That's why I'm getting this out to everyone, to let them know 'hey, it's not really about me anymore.' It's about stopping these people for the next person down the road," King said. "Just to try to protect them."

King is offering $2,500 reward for the capture of the burglars. If you have any information, you can call Marysville police at 360-363-8300.