17-year-old arrested for attempted rape; police link him to previous rape

PORTLAND, Ore. - Portland police arrested 17-year-old Justin Dejohn Hubbard after they said he broke into an apartment, armed with a knife, and tried to rape a woman in the Argay neighborhood early Monday morning.

By Monday afternoon, police revealed Hubbard is the same suspect involved in a sexual assault of a Parkrose High School student in March.

In both cases, police said the victim was a stranger.

In Monday's case, Portland police responded to a call from the Greenleaf Springs Apartments at 4500 N.E. 125th Pl. at 2:42 a.m.

A 26-year-old woman and her fianc, who have not been identified, said somebody broke into their apartment and tried to sexually assault the woman before the fiance chased Hubbard out of the building.

Portland Police Sgt. Greg Stewart insisted attacks by strangers are rare.

"Stranger sexual assaults, while they're uncommon, are very traumatic for not just the people involved but the public as a whole," Stewart said. "We take those very, very seriously. We take all sexual assaults very seriously."

Hubbard was arrested a short time later at his nearby residence after a police K-9 unit helped with a neighborhood search.

"It's kind of scary, though, that that could happen," neighbor Tanya Borreson told KATU.

Another neighbor, Raymond Petit said he was shocked by the news of the attack.

"I am concerned about the details of how they got in," Petit said. "Did they break a window; did they break a lock?"

The On Your Side Investigators tried to speak with the couple Monday but police said the couple declined. Police said the woman didn't require any medical attention.

During the investigation, police learned Hubbard was a suspect in a March 10 sexual assault of a 16-year-old Parkrose High School girl.

In that case, North Precinct officers responded to Parkrose High School after the girl reported the sexual assault to the school.

Police talked to the girl who told police that she was sexually assaulted by a stranger as she walked to school in the morning, near Northeast 131st Avenue and Prescott Drive.

"Sex Crimes Unit detectives responded and conducted an investigation but were unable to identify a suspect based on the available information and evidence," according to a statement from the Portland Police Bureau.

On Monday, Hubbard was taken to Donald E. Long Juvenile Detention Hall. He faces first-degree burglary, first-degree sex abuse and first-degree attempted rape. Police said they also added charges after they connected him to the March 10 assault. Those charges include first-degree kidnapping and first-degree rape.

"This area has seen an increase in those sorts of incidents"

The On Your Side Investigators spoke to several neighbors at the Green Leaf Apartment complex Monday who were victims of property crimes and felt the attack was part of a larger uptick in crime.

Petit said a thief, or thieves, stole two of his bicycles off of his balcony in April.

"This area has seen an increase in those sorts of incidents in such a short time, or crime in general," Petit said.

Meanwhile, Borreson said her car was recently broken into.

In the last year, the On Your Side Investigators found dozens of arrests within a half mile of the Green Leaf Springs apartment complex, including several person-on-person crimes.

May 2013 -May 2014 arrests within half-mile radius of apartment:
3 kidnappings
5 sex crimes
11 robberies
12 assaults with a weapon
30 assaults without a weapon

Crimes Against Properties:
19 Burglaries
39 Stolen Vehicles
30 Car Break Ins

Misc. Crimes:
17 Drug Arrests
22 Disorderly Conduct
26 Trespass/Threats
25 Vandalism Arrests

911 Calls within the Last 30 days:
6 Breaking and Entering
5 Assaults
21 Thefts
7 stolen vehicles

Portland Police Sgt. Stewart argued those numbers must be put into context with population size.

"Thirty assaults is certainly a large number of assaults, but if you're talking about an area that might have 10,000 people living in it, the chances of a person actually being assaulted become fairly small," Stewart said.


If you a victim of sexual assault, you are encouraged to contact the Sexual Assault Resource Center of Oregon (SARC). The center has a 24-hour support line at (503) 640-5311.

Additionally, the Portland Police Bureau works with WomenStrength and GirlStrength programs to provide free self-defense classes and personal safety workshops to people around the Portland area.

To learn more information about WomenStrength and GirlStrength, call (503) 823-0260 or visit